The biggest asset of any business is their people, the team.  The service industry is measured by the service provided by staff and their ability to adapt to clients as individuals.

The skills, knowledge and execution of ‘quality service’ are at the heart of every establishment.

We offer in-depth coaching and training covering the following aspects, both for existing and new establishments.

  • Supporting and training team during pre-opening of Hotels, Resorts, Clubs and Restaurants.
  • Implementing and executing standards training using innovative and interactive methods, including on-line training courses.
  • Motivating employees through an understanding of the positive push buttons for different age groups, nationalities and their role in the establishment.
  • Developing product knowledge that is relevant to the establishment.
  • Coaching in management and communication skills that will enhance the effectiveness of the daily running of any establishment.
  • Designing user-friendly training manuals that will ultimately become a living training tool.