A unique service product sets apart every establishment including the processes that ensure quality at each touch point.  As the service industry is guaranteed to evolve constantly, the fine details of both the soft and hard product which ultimately determines success.

It is crucial to keep abreast with innovation and keep moving forward making the last impression a positive memory for every client.

The services listed below ensure the constant re-enforcement and analysis of your establishment.

  • Guiding and directing technological ways to improve efficiency and trends within the establishment.
  • Advising on contractual and interior design for Hotels and Restaurants, detailing the practical aspects of service flow and customer comfort.
  • Developing and designing restaurant concepts.
  • Creating relevant systems for better organization and communication.
  • Establishing sustainability focus points and ensuring implementation.
  • Providing “mystery guest” reports, a constructive and effective tool for analysing your customer’s experience.
  • Evaluating service styles and measuring the effectiveness of these styles in achieving the establishment’s goals.
  • Developing processes that drive consistency, quality and optimal service guarantees.